Stefanie Willie-Bonglo

(603) 235-3934

Team WB Real Estate-Cameron Prestige

11 School St Suite 215 Chelmsford MA

Growing up in Southern New Hampshire, Stefanie was practically raised in the real estate business.  With 15 years of experience in various real estate related roles including  mortgage broker, note broker, landlord, agent, and real estate investor, getting the deal closed comes second nature to her.

She excels at facilitating communication among all parties to the real estate transaction, with an aim to make the process less stressful for sellers and buyers alike. She also specializes in bringing peace of mind to sellers who have had difficulty in the past selling their home on their own, or with another agent.  

Her expertise, confidence, and strong negotiation skills are all attributes that her clients find invaluable.

Multi-Unit Investment Properties

With a long track record of success with 2-4 unit investment properties in the Merrimack Valley, Stefanie enjoys working with investors and imparting knowledge gained from firsthand experience. She is a strong advocate for "house hacking," and devotes time to educating millennials about the advantages of investing in a multi-family home to live in as their first property. This enables younger couples and investors to dramatically decrease their cost of living, and get a leg up in the current economic climate where so many young people are bogged down by student debt. Stefanie was able to personally pay off all student loans at a young age utilizing this technique, and is passionate about helping others set themselves up to do the same. 

Luxury Real Estate:

Stefanie’s current area of expertise is in listing luxury homes in Southern NH. If you are looking to buy or sell your high-end home, Stefanie has all the tools to help make it a total quality experience. Utilizing her years of experience in combination with the resources available from The Distinctive Collection from Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, she employs cutting edge marketing techniques to attract a wide variety of buyers. 

Driven by an earnest desire to provide the best service to her clients, Stefanie has made a high level commitment to her ongoing real estate education. 


Stefanie resides in Southern NH with her husband Patrick, and their pets Spartacus & Granite. When not practicing real estate, Stefanie  enjoys a creative lifestyle as a country music artist, and is heavily involved in the local New England music scene (Stefanie Jasmine Band). Other hobbies of hers include gardening, soap making and interior design.